Scope of application

High-pressure cylinders for breathing systems

Armotech composite cylinders gained widespread acceptance in self-contained breathing apparatus and life support systems of various producers. Armotech offers a wide selection of ultra-lightweight cylinders for this application. For detailed descriptions of SCBA and life support systems cylinders as well as relevant certificates click here.

High-pressure cylinders for commercial gases

Armotech products are used in various applications, including welding, medical purposes, research laboratories, food and beverage manufacturing, fire protection systems and many others. Our cylinders are ideal for CO2, mixed and pure gases storage and transportation. We are able to provide for the inner surface cleanliness of all parameters required without using any additional coating. For detailed descriptions of cylinders as well as relevant certificates click here.


Armotech offers lightweight cylinders which are the critical components of sophisticated compressed air systems applied in marine vessels and aircrafts, transport vehicles, aerospace engineering and special-purpose machinery.

Armotech experts develop, test and produce lightweight cylinders of special geometrical pattern necessary to be used in each individual application. Safety, quality and reliability are the key elements of each of our products used for these applications. For detailed descriptions of cylinders click here.

Paintball cylinders

Our cylinders provide both serious professionals as well as usual players with the comfort they need to be bound to win.

Having been developed and tested to guarantee the highest safety, strength and reliability standards our cylinders enable the players to concentrate on the game not on the equipment issues.
For detailed descriptions of cylinders as well as relevant certificates click here.


Armotech airbag cartridges surpass all currently existing high-pressure vessels used for this application due to their low weight and small size and provide for the maximum comfort in use. For detailed descriptions of cylinders as well as relevant certificates click here.

At our customers’ option we are able to produce the required appearance design vessels taking into account their special requirements.

Our technology enables us to develop, test and certify new cylinder designs to satisfy your needs. Armotech has a solution for you. Please, do not hesitate to contact us if you require further information.


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