Armotech produces the high-pressure cylinders designed to store and transport all types of gases up to the world standards.  The design concept is loss of tightness at the end of assigned life time without loss of strength.

Thin stainless steel liner with high strain capacity is the main design feature which differentiates our products from the other types of composite cylinders.  


  • Minimum weight
  • High and stable tightness  
  • Lack of corrosion when filled up with any of currently existing liquefied and compressed gases
  • Safe and easy connection with any type of valve
  • Safety operation
  • Appearance design at customers‘ option
  • Information integrity during the whole life time 
  • Filling with all types of gases as per ADR/RID classification
  • Fire and explosion safety when exposed to fire and shock.
  • Shatterproof breakage in emergency situations
  • Unlimited life span as per EN12245, EN14427 and other standards requirements
  • Possibility to be recharged at any filling station.

Our products are able to meet competition of generally used counterparts due to our high-tech efficient equipment as well as new design and technology concepts applied.


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